Dublin Doors – Aurélie


Aurélie moved to Ireland in 2006, from Paris suburb Le Pecq in the Versailles region. With the help of a few drawing courses, she is largely self-taught as an artist.

She likes to work in series and has documented with pen and coloured pencils many of Dublin’s landmark buildings. She has completed a similar range of drawings featuring landmarks of Paris and Washington.

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    Makers: Art Cards Ireland

    An artist’s work may disappear into the hands of a collector and rarely be seen again. Our art cards uncover some of the work going on in Irish studios, and offer it for more people to enjoy.

    We currently publish 40 Irish artists. Most were born in Ireland, some come from other countries and became part of the Irish art scene by living and working here. Our cards are high quality reproductions of their original work. The artists work in many different media, from oils and inks to textiles and digital media.

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