Emma Coin Purse


Each purse is made using a zip that Sallyann has recycled from all the jeans she uses to make her bags, so every purse is unique because it depends on the size of zip recycled and the fabric used to make it. The purse is unlined and has a Sallyann’s Bags label on the side. The corners of the purse at the base are squared/boxed off to give the purse a little wriggle room. At the time of ordering you can specify the fabric that you would like the purse to be made from.

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    Designer: Sallyann Bags

    Sallyann’s Handmade Bags are created in a small sewing room overlooking Doo Lough and the Atlantic Ocean in West Clare, Ireland, by their creator, Sallyann Marron.

    The bags are individual creations, each lined with recycled jeans, making every bag unique. Some of the bags are reversible, allowing the owner to turn the bag inside out, making the bags ideal for shopping, picnics, the beach, the gym or swimming.

    Sallyann trained as an industrial technologist and was sponsored by the clothing industry during her degree. Working in the clothing industry was short-lived upon graduation however, and subsequent jobs in politics and international marketing followed. The combined genetic pull of a great grandmother, grandma and great aunt, all of whom were tailoresses and seamstresses, meant that a return to making a living by way of the sewing machine was inevitable, and Sallyann’s Handmade Bags were born in 2014.

    The bags combine high quality oilcloth from around the world, and recycled denim gleaned from charity shops across the Mid West of Ireland. The designs are simple, useful, practical and beautiful. Each bag is made to the highest quality standards to ensure it is long lasting and will not let its owner down.

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    Dimensions 14 × 2.5 × 16 cm

    Blue Meadow, Blue Star, Burnt Orange, Cheeky Cat, Funky Slate, Green Meadow, Grey Meadow, Mixed Block Colours, Old Map

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