People On The Pier


Each year, over a million people walk the East and West piers at Dun Laoghaire. Whether it’s for a quiet walk, family day out, first dates, weddings, hanging out with friends, walking the dog, or just taking the air, the harbour area undoubtedly counts as one of Ireland’s best-loved visitor attractions. With its world-class regattas, sporting fixtures and festivals of all kinds, it continues to be a hive of activity on many a weekend throughout the year. Based on dlr Lexlcon’s popular ‘People on the Pier’ social media project, which set out to collect images of people and the piers for dlr Local Studies Collection for the important 200th anniversary year, this book is both a history and a joyful celebration from a community that responded with great energy and enthusiasm, sharing their wonderful memories and photos of this unique and cherished maritime area. Betty Stenson & Marian Thérèse Keyes

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