Woodlands – Designer Rotating Lampshade


Woodlands is one of a delightful new range of rotating lampshades from contemporary Irish artists and designers, specially commissioned by Moving Pictures.

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    Designers: Moving Pictures

    Dom Hackett worked for many years in his family business, James Hackett Lighting based in Dublin, Ireland. The business was set up in 1964 by his father James to manufacture and distribute lighting products such as lampshades and table lamps for the home.

    Nearing retirement and looking for a new challenge, Dom decided to examine ceiling pendant lights for children. Dom’s hunch was that children would prefer to see moving pictures rather than the regular static shades.

    Working with the designer, Gavin Galligan, Dom discovered a new manufacturing process for a two-tier lampshade. This would allow the inner shade to rotate from the light of any bulb inside the outer lampshade.

    The light from the bulb sends an electrical charge from a small solar panel to a motor which creates rotation in an inner lampshade. No additional wires or batteries are required and the lampshade fits on to the lamp holder in the normal manner.

    Lighting in children’s bedrooms can now be brought to life and capture the imagination of the child.

    Well-known Irish designers including Chris Judge, Chris Dunlop and Naomi Peppar have created designs for our shades and we have happy customers from all over the world.

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    Dimensions 27 × 27 × 29 cm
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